Class ExtractorAsserts.AssertionConfig

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class ExtractorAsserts.AssertionConfig
    extends Object
    A config for the assertions made (e.g. dump file location).
    • Field Detail

      • dumpFilesPrefix

        public final String dumpFilesPrefix
        The prefix prepended to the dump files path. If not set, the path to the source data will be used to derive this assuming the following path structure:
        • Media: media/$mediapath
        • Dumps: extractordumps/$mediapath
      • deduplicateConsecutiveFormats

        public final boolean deduplicateConsecutiveFormats
        Controls how consecutive formats with no intervening samples are handled. If true, only the last format received is retained. If false, consecutive formats with no samples cause the test to fail.