Class CueGroup

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    public final class CueGroup
    extends Object
    implements Bundleable
    Class to represent the state of active Cues at a particular time.
    • Field Detail

      • cues

        public final ImmutableList<Cue> cues
        The cues in this group.

        This list is in ascending order of priority. If any of the cue boxes overlap when displayed, the Cue nearer the end of the list should be shown on top.

        This list may be empty if the group represents a state with no cues.

    • Constructor Detail

      • CueGroup

        public CueGroup​(List<Cue> cues)
        Creates a CueGroup.
    • Method Detail

      • toBundle

        public Bundle toBundle()
        Description copied from interface: Bundleable
        Returns a Bundle representing the information stored in this object.
        Specified by:
        toBundle in interface Bundleable