Class VideoEncoderSettings

  • public final class VideoEncoderSettings
    extends Object
    Represents the video encoder settings.
    • Field Detail

      • NO_VALUE

        public static final int NO_VALUE
        A value for various fields to indicate that the field's value is unknown or not applicable.
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final float DEFAULT_I_FRAME_INTERVAL_SECONDS
        The default I-frame interval in seconds.
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        Constant Field Values
      • bitrate

        public final int bitrate
        The encoding bitrate.
      • bitrateMode

        public final int bitrateMode
      • profile

        public final int profile
        The encoding profile.
      • level

        public final int level
        The encoding level.
      • iFrameIntervalSeconds

        public final float iFrameIntervalSeconds
        The encoding I-Frame interval in seconds.
      • operatingRate

        public final int operatingRate
        The encoder operating rate.
      • priority

        public final int priority
        The encoder priority.
      • enableHighQualityTargeting

        public final boolean enableHighQualityTargeting
        Whether the encoder should automatically set the bitrate to target a high quality encoding.