Interface DataReader

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      • read

        int read​(byte[] buffer,
                 int offset,
                 int length)
          throws IOException
        Reads up to length bytes of data from the input.

        If readLength is zero then 0 is returned. Otherwise, if no data is available because the end of the opened range has been reached, then C.RESULT_END_OF_INPUT is returned. Otherwise, the call will block until at least one byte of data has been read and the number of bytes read is returned.

        buffer - A target array into which data should be written.
        offset - The offset into the target array at which to write.
        length - The maximum number of bytes to read from the input.
        The number of bytes read, or C.RESULT_END_OF_INPUT if the input has ended. This may be less than length because the end of the input (or available data) was reached, the method was interrupted, or the operation was aborted early for another reason.
        IOException - If an error occurs reading from the input.