Class CacheDataSink.Factory

    • Constructor Detail

      • Factory

        public Factory()
        Creates an instance.
    • Method Detail

      • setCache

        public CacheDataSink.Factory setCache​(Cache cache)
        Sets the cache to which data will be written.

        Must be called before the factory is used.

        cache - The cache to which data will be written.
        This factory.
      • setFragmentSize

        public CacheDataSink.Factory setFragmentSize​(long fragmentSize)
        Sets the cache file fragment size. For requests that should be fragmented into multiple cache files, this is the maximum size of a cache file in bytes. If set to C.LENGTH_UNSET then no fragmentation will occur. Using a small value allows for finer-grained cache eviction policies, at the cost of increased overhead both on the cache implementation and the file system. Values under (2 * 1024 * 1024) are not recommended.

        The default value is CacheDataSink.DEFAULT_FRAGMENT_SIZE.

        fragmentSize - The fragment size in bytes, or C.LENGTH_UNSET to disable fragmentation.
        This factory.
      • setBufferSize

        public CacheDataSink.Factory setBufferSize​(int bufferSize)
        Sets the size of an in-memory buffer used when writing to a cache file. A zero or negative value disables buffering.

        The default value is CacheDataSink.DEFAULT_BUFFER_SIZE.

        bufferSize - The buffer size in bytes.
        This factory.