Class AvcConfig

  • public final class AvcConfig
    extends Object
    AVC configuration data.
    • Field Detail

      • initializationData

        public final List<byte[]> initializationData
      • nalUnitLengthFieldLength

        public final int nalUnitLengthFieldLength
      • width

        public final int width
      • height

        public final int height
      • pixelWidthAspectRatio

        public final float pixelWidthAspectRatio
      • codecs

        public final String codecs
    • Method Detail

      • parse

        public static AvcConfig parse​(ParsableByteArray data)
                               throws ParserException
        Parses AVC configuration data.
        data - A ParsableByteArray, whose position is set to the start of the AVC configuration data to parse.
        A parsed representation of the AVC configuration data.
        ParserException - If an error occurred parsing the data.