Class DefaultAudioTrackBufferSizeProvider

  • public class DefaultAudioTrackBufferSizeProvider
    extends Object
    Provide the buffer size to use when creating an AudioTrack.
    • Field Detail

      • minPcmBufferDurationUs

        protected final int minPcmBufferDurationUs
        The minimum length for PCM AudioTrack buffers, in microseconds.
      • maxPcmBufferDurationUs

        protected final int maxPcmBufferDurationUs
        The maximum length for PCM AudioTrack buffers, in microseconds.
      • pcmBufferMultiplicationFactor

        protected final int pcmBufferMultiplicationFactor
        The multiplication factor to apply to the minimum buffer size requested.
      • passthroughBufferDurationUs

        protected final int passthroughBufferDurationUs
        The length for passthrough AudioTrack buffers, in microseconds.
      • offloadBufferDurationUs

        protected final int offloadBufferDurationUs
        The length for offload AudioTrack buffers, in microseconds.
      • ac3BufferMultiplicationFactor

        public final int ac3BufferMultiplicationFactor
        The multiplication factor to apply to AC3 passthrough buffer to avoid underruns on some devices (e.g., Broadcom 7271).
      • DEFAULT

        public static final DEFAULT
        Default instance.
    • Method Detail

      • getBufferSizeInBytes

        public int getBufferSizeInBytes​(int minBufferSizeInBytes,
                               int encoding,
                               int outputMode,
                                        int pcmFrameSize,
                                        int sampleRate,
                                        double maxAudioTrackPlaybackSpeed)
      • get1xBufferSizeInBytes

        protected int get1xBufferSizeInBytes​(int minBufferSizeInBytes,
                                             int encoding,
                                             int outputMode,
                                             int pcmFrameSize,
                                             int sampleRate)
        Returns the buffer size for playback at 1x speed.
      • getPcmBufferSizeInBytes

        protected int getPcmBufferSizeInBytes​(int minBufferSizeInBytes,
                                              int samplingRate,
                                              int frameSize)
        Returns the buffer size for PCM playback.
      • getPassthroughBufferSizeInBytes

        protected int getPassthroughBufferSizeInBytes​( int encoding)
        Returns the buffer size for passthrough playback.
      • getOffloadBufferSizeInBytes

        protected int getOffloadBufferSizeInBytes​( int encoding)
        Returns the buffer size for offload playback.
      • durationUsToBytes

        protected static int durationUsToBytes​(int durationUs,
                                               int samplingRate,
                                               int frameSize)
      • getMaximumEncodedRateBytesPerSecond

        protected static int getMaximumEncodedRateBytesPerSecond​( int encoding)