Class VideoDecoderOutputBuffer

  • public class VideoDecoderOutputBuffer
    extends DecoderOutputBuffer
    Video decoder output buffer containing video frame data.
    • Field Detail

      • decoderPrivate

        public int decoderPrivate
        Decoder private data. Used from native code.
      • data

        public ByteBuffer data
        RGB buffer for RGB mode.
      • width

        public int width
      • height

        public int height
      • format

        public Format format
        The format of the input from which this output buffer was decoded.
      • yuvPlanes

        public ByteBuffer[] yuvPlanes
        YUV planes for YUV mode.
      • yuvStrides

        public int[] yuvStrides
      • colorspace

        public int colorspace
      • supplementalData

        public ByteBuffer supplementalData
        Supplemental data related to the output frame, if Buffer.hasSupplementalData() returns true. If present, the buffer is populated with supplemental data from position 0 to its limit.
    • Method Detail

      • release

        public void release()
        Description copied from class: DecoderOutputBuffer
        Releases the output buffer for reuse. Must be called when the buffer is no longer needed.
        Specified by:
        release in class DecoderOutputBuffer
      • initForYuvFrame

        public boolean initForYuvFrame​(int width,
                                       int height,
                                       int yStride,
                                       int uvStride,
                                       int colorspace)
        Resizes the buffer based on the given stride. Called via JNI after decoding completes.
        Whether the buffer was resized successfully.
      • initForPrivateFrame

        public void initForPrivateFrame​(int width,
                                        int height)
        Configures the buffer for the given frame dimensions when passing actual frame data via decoderPrivate. Called via JNI after decoding completes.