Class SegmentBase.MultiSegmentBase

    • Constructor Detail

      • MultiSegmentBase

        public MultiSegmentBase​(@Nullable
                                RangedUri initialization,
                                long timescale,
                                long presentationTimeOffset,
                                long startNumber,
                                long duration,
                                List<SegmentBase.SegmentTimelineElement> segmentTimeline,
                                long availabilityTimeOffsetUs,
                                long timeShiftBufferDepthUs,
                                long periodStartUnixTimeUs)
        initialization - A RangedUri corresponding to initialization data, if such data exists.
        timescale - The timescale in units per second.
        presentationTimeOffset - The presentation time offset. The value in seconds is the division of this value and timescale.
        startNumber - The sequence number of the first segment.
        duration - The duration of each segment in the case of fixed duration segments. The value in seconds is the division of this value and timescale. If segmentTimeline is non-null then this parameter is ignored.
        segmentTimeline - A segment timeline corresponding to the segments. If null, then segments are assumed to be of fixed duration as specified by the duration parameter.
        availabilityTimeOffsetUs - The offset to the current realtime at which segments become available in microseconds, or C.TIME_UNSET if not applicable.
        timeShiftBufferDepthUs - The time shift buffer depth in microseconds.
        periodStartUnixTimeUs - The start of the enclosing period in microseconds since the Unix epoch.