Class SegmentBase

    • Constructor Detail

      • SegmentBase

        public SegmentBase​(@Nullable
                           RangedUri initialization,
                           long timescale,
                           long presentationTimeOffset)
        initialization - A RangedUri corresponding to initialization data, if such data exists.
        timescale - The timescale in units per second.
        presentationTimeOffset - The presentation time offset. The value in seconds is the division of this value and timescale.
    • Method Detail

      • getInitialization

        public RangedUri getInitialization​(Representation representation)
        Returns the RangedUri defining the location of initialization data for a given representation, or null if no initialization data exists.
        representation - The Representation for which initialization data is required.
        A RangedUri defining the location of the initialization data, or null.
      • getPresentationTimeOffsetUs

        public long getPresentationTimeOffsetUs()
        Returns the presentation time offset, in microseconds.