Interface HlsMediaChunkExtractor

    • Method Detail

      • read

        boolean read​(ExtractorInput extractorInput)
              throws IOException
        Extracts data read from a provided ExtractorInput. Must not be called before init(ExtractorOutput).

        A single call to this method will block until some progress has been made, but will not block for longer than this. Hence each call will consume only a small amount of input data.

        When this method throws an IOException, extraction may continue by providing an ExtractorInput with an unchanged read position to a subsequent call to this method.

        extractorInput - The input to read from.
        Whether there is any data left to extract. Returns false if the end of input has been reached.
        IOException - If an error occurred reading from or parsing the input.
      • isPackedAudioExtractor

        boolean isPackedAudioExtractor()
        Returns whether this is a packed audio extractor, as defined in RFC 8216, Section 3.4.
      • isReusable

        boolean isReusable()
        Returns whether this instance can be used for extracting multiple continuous segments.
      • recreate

        HlsMediaChunkExtractor recreate()
        Returns a new instance for extracting the same type of media as this one. Can only be called on instances that are not reusable.
      • onTruncatedSegmentParsed

        void onTruncatedSegmentParsed()
        Resets the sample parsing state.

        Resetting the parsing state allows support for Fragmented MP4 EXT-X-I-FRAME-STREAM-INF segments. EXT-X-I-FRAME-STREAM-INF segments are truncated to include only a leading key frame. After parsing said keyframe, an extractor may reach an unexpected end of file. By resetting its state, we can continue feeding samples from the following segments to the extractor. See #7512 for context.