Class MediaParserHlsMediaChunkExtractor

    • Constructor Detail

      • MediaParserHlsMediaChunkExtractor

        public MediaParserHlsMediaChunkExtractor​(MediaParser mediaParser,
                                                 OutputConsumerAdapterV30 outputConsumerAdapter,
                                                 Format format,
                                                 boolean overrideInBandCaptionDeclarations,
                                                 ImmutableList<MediaFormat> muxedCaptionMediaFormats,
                                                 int leadingBytesToSkip,
                                                 PlayerId playerId)
        Creates a new instance.
        mediaParser - The MediaParser instance to use for extraction of segments. The provided instance must have completed sniffing, or must have been created by name.
        outputConsumerAdapter - The OutputConsumerAdapterV30 with which mediaParser was created.
        format - The Format associated with the segment.
        overrideInBandCaptionDeclarations - Whether to ignore any in-band caption track declarations in favor of using the muxedCaptionMediaFormats instead. If false, caption declarations found in the extracted media will be used, causing muxedCaptionMediaFormats to be ignored instead.
        muxedCaptionMediaFormats - The list of in-band caption MediaFormats that MediaParser should expose.
        leadingBytesToSkip - The number of bytes to skip from the start of the input before starting extraction.
        playerId - The PlayerId of the player using this chunk extractor.