Class RandomTrackSelection

    • Constructor Detail

      • RandomTrackSelection

        public RandomTrackSelection​(TrackGroup group,
                                    int[] tracks,
                           int type,
                                    Random random)
        Creates a new instance.
        group - The TrackGroup. Must not be null.
        tracks - The indices of the selected tracks within the TrackGroup. Must not be null or empty. May be in any order.
        type - The TrackSelection.Type of this track selection.
        random - A source of random numbers.
    • Method Detail

      • updateSelectedTrack

        public void updateSelectedTrack​(long playbackPositionUs,
                                        long bufferedDurationUs,
                                        long availableDurationUs,
                                        List<? extends MediaChunk> queue,
                                        MediaChunkIterator[] mediaChunkIterators)
        Description copied from interface: ExoTrackSelection
        Updates the selected track for sources that load media in discrete MediaChunks.

        This method will only be called when the selection is enabled.

        playbackPositionUs - The current playback position in microseconds. If playback of the period to which this track selection belongs has not yet started, the value will be the starting position in the period minus the duration of any media in previous periods still to be played.
        bufferedDurationUs - The duration of media currently buffered from the current playback position, in microseconds. Note that the next load position can be calculated as (playbackPositionUs + bufferedDurationUs).
        availableDurationUs - The duration of media available for buffering from the current playback position, in microseconds, or C.TIME_UNSET if media can be buffered to the end of the current period. Note that if not set to C.TIME_UNSET, the position up to which media is available for buffering can be calculated as (playbackPositionUs + availableDurationUs).
        queue - The queue of already buffered MediaChunks. Must not be modified.
        mediaChunkIterators - An array of MediaChunkIterators providing information about the sequence of upcoming media chunks for each track in the selection. All iterators start from the media chunk which will be loaded next if the respective track is selected. Note that this information may not be available for all tracks, and so some iterators may be empty.
      • getSelectedIndex

        public int getSelectedIndex()
        Description copied from interface: ExoTrackSelection
        Returns the index of the selected track.
      • getSelectionReason

        public int getSelectionReason()
        Description copied from interface: ExoTrackSelection
        Returns the reason for the current track selection.
      • getSelectionData

        public Object getSelectionData()
        Description copied from interface: ExoTrackSelection
        Returns optional data associated with the current track selection.